Dunn Hardware is fast becoming a real destination for fabric, which is a good thing, considering how few other options we have in the Northeast Ohio area. (Who else misses Charlie’s Fabrics? I know I do!) Dunn has had access to the ever-popular Thibaut and Schumacher fabrics forever, and a few years ago added JF Fabrics to the line up. Then came Stout. More recently we have further expanded our offering, with Greenhouse Fabrics and their related Anna Elisabeth line, along with Maxwell Fabrics and Unique Fine Fabrics. We are on a roll (pun intended), with fabrics to suit almost any purpose and budget.

We have most (if not all) of the Thibaut, JF Fabrics and Stout sample books in-store for you to look at. A lot of the Schumacher samples, too. Some of the newer lines (Maxwell, Greenhouse, Anna Elisabeth, and Unique) are represented by their more recent sample books, but we have access to their entire lines via memo sample, so if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, or can’t get in to the Design Center to browse, feel free to let your fingers do the walking. You’ll see all of the collections, and many of the sites have pretty good search engines to help you weed through it all. Then call or email us and we can send samples straight to you. 

Some of the companies have wallpaper designed to go with their fabrics — think Thibaut, of course, but also Schumacher and Stout. And many of the Kravet family and Sanderson family brands, too. Or our staff at the Design Center is more than happy to help you put a room scheme together using products from different companies entirely, as well as paint colors from Benjamin Moore. And keep stopping by — each of our fabric companies will supply us with new sample books as and when they become available, so the fabric selection at Dunn will continue to grow!

Dunn Hardware has remained open throughout the pandemic, and the Design Center staff is here to help you with whatever projects you are working on. Give us a call, or come on by!